Agency specialized in volunteering experiences

Have you ever wanted to travel to see animals in their natural habitat? Our volunteering projects give you the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the work of animal conservation professionals.

As one of our volunteers, you will contribute to the preservation and conservation of different animal species, including lions, elephants, rhinos and more.

Sagittarius Voyage is working for preservation of the environment, and especially for the conservation of animal diversity. Our volunteering programs are not involved in any animal trafficking (canned hunts, sales etc.).

Unlike some volunteering offers online, our programs are not involved in any animal trafficking (canned hunts, sales etc.). These are ethical programs.

If you want to understand what is to volunteer with animals, we invite you to read our page about this subject. You can understand what are the concrete actions to protect our biodiversity in this kind of projects/travels.

Our volunteering programs

From Europe to Africa by way of Oceania, we give you the opportunity to observe your favorite species in their natural environment, but also to work for their protection.

Each voluntary program contributes concretely and seriously to the protection of one or more animals. We invite you to discover behind the scenes of scientists’ life, naturalists, etc. You share with these professionals and other volunteers your desire to act, learn and dream!

What is the support provided by Sagittarius Voyage?

We support you throughout your experience, giving you all the necessary information to get ready. It also includes tips for traveling to your destination. You can contact us at any time until the end of your volunteering.

Sagittarius Voyage agency specialized in volunteer experiences to protect animals. Ecotourism, safari, eco-responsible travel, lions, elephants. Working for wildlife abroad. Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Australia.