Here are the frequently asked questions we receive by those wishing to volunteer with us. If some of your questions are not part of the following ones below, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them!


What is a volunteering program?

Volunteer gives the opportunity to travel abroad while contributing to the sustainability and advancement of study projects and/or animal protection. You have the opportunity to travel, to see your favorite animals but also to support concretely an animal conservation project.

Are volunteering programs serious?

Yes. Our role is to ensure the volunteers to go on safe, ethical and responsible projects. The chosen programs are controlled in-depth and tested. They are all involved in animal welfare, mostly affiliated with the government and/or scientific studies.
We categorically refuse to participate in animal trafficking, especially via locations exploiting them to attract tourists (petting, walks, shows, selfies, etc.)
None of our programs offer direct interaction with animals, in order to protect species and keep these individuals wild. Unfortunately still today, several agencies and organizations offer this type of “volunteering” experience …

Can I touch/pet animals?

In the programs, animals live in total freedom and for ethical conditions do not receive human contact. Only people in the veterinary program will be in contact with the animals.

How do I make a reservation?

As soon as you contact us for your registration, we send you a form to return to us completed. Once it is validated by the project, you will have to sign a participation contract. Following this, you will receive a program invoice and a complete guide to prepare for your journey.

How am I supported by Sagittarius Voyage?

From your first contact to the end of your stay, we are here to assist you in this adventure. You receive our help in selecting the best volunteering program regarding your wishes and what you like to do. Then, you receive tips about how and what prepare for your trip.
During your travel, you are free to contact us through a dedicated phone line.

What are the response times?

We are always looking to offer you the best experience possible and try to answer quickly to your different requests. Usually, we answer within 48 hours.

How much time in advance is necessary to book?

We advise you to register several months in advance on a project, to secure your place. Indeed, our projects generally meet high demand and are often full a part of the year.

How many hours do volunteers need to give?

You can volunteer on certain conservation projects with a low work rate, with a focus on the environment and animal discovery. Only few hours a day are dedicated to working (2 – 3 hours maximum, not so physical).
Ex: African Animals conservationAnimal and cheetah protection volunteering program
Others, on the other hand, ask good physical conditions to work with animals, mainly in sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers. Hence, the cost of the stay is cheaper.
Ex: Lion sanctuaryWildlife rehabilitation center
We are here to assist and guide you towards the volunteering experience that suits your expectations and desires. It depends on the program.

Do you select people based on experience?

No specific experience is required for our programs. However, you are asked to be in a good physical condition in order to enjoy group activities and to be passionate about wildlife.

Can I pay in several times?

Yes, you are free to pay in a couple of times without payment of fees.
To book your volunteering program, you have to pay the first 50% of the booking feesPour rĂ©server votre place sur le volontariat, il vous faut rĂ©gler 50% des frais du sĂ©jour ainsi que les frais d’inscription. L’autre partie du règlement peut ĂŞtre payĂ©e ensuite.

What are the repayment conditions?

If you cancel your trip for any reason, we will set up a repayment procedure if the programs as one. It is communicated to you at the time of your reservation or on our communications.
Please, keep in mind that booking fees are not refundable.

At what age can I volunteer?

You can volunteer in our programs at the age of 18. However, some of the volunteering programs accept 16 and 17-year-old people.

Is it possible to come as a group?

Yes, this is made possible in some programs. This is indicated on the program pages in the “price and duration” section.
You can also choose to go as a couple or with one or more friends.

Should I speak English?

As projects take place abroad, you are asked to speak at least basic English to communicate and make yourself understood. The local coordinators all speak English, but you will also have to communicate with other volunteers from all over the world.

Are the flight tickets included?

The price of the flight ticket is not included in the price of your package. However, we are at your disposal to advise you and help you in your flight ticket choice.

Should I buy travel insurance?

It is not mandatory to subscribe travel insurance for your stay. However, we strongly advise you do as the medical expenses in case of illness, operation or repatriation are very expensive. For example, a fracture may cost several thousand euros if you are not insured. Moreover, your medical insurance in your home country does not work abroad. We can not be held responsible for any medical problems you may have.

Please contact us via our contact form for any further questions or information you may have.

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