Discover our different volunteering programs taking place on different continents. Choose a journey rich in meaning that will give you the opportunity to learn, be useful and dream!

Coming back from one of our volunteering trips and you will not be the same!

The proposed trips take place in conservation projects that contribute to animal welfare. They are not directly or indirectly involved in animal trafficking. You can learn more about our program selection here.

Our volunteering programs

Volunteer in Africa —

These travels offer you to discover, immersed in nature, wild animals of Africa. You can learn much information about the local wildlife, but also participate in fauna and flora protection.

In Africa, we offer to volunteer in projects dedicated to nature, whether terrestrial or marine. You can even be part of the life of sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers.

—— South Africa ——

—— Cameroon ——


Volunteer in Europe —

Choose to volunteer to discover and learn about European wild animals. Everybody usually knows them, but few are observed and many species are threatened. These volunteering programs give you the opportunity to support professionals in the field, in their conservation missions.

In these European countries, you can study and protect terrestrial and marine mammals.

—— Spain ——


—— Portugal ——


—— Slovenia ——


Volunteer in Oceania —

This volunteering program is directly involved in marine wildlife protection, especially humpbacks whales. They come in this part of the world to breed.

—— Australia ——

If you don’t know where to go, but have an animal in mind and/or have a certain budget to stick to, we invite you to select your travel experience throught the following pages :

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