Go to Australia to get involved in as a volunteer to help Australian bats (flying foxes), a fruit bat species, living in large colonies.

Your stay —

  • Two weeks to 3 months (1 month minimum during high season)
  • 2 weeks : 790€* | 3 weeks : 970€* | 1 month : 1055€*
  • Australia
  • Minimum age 21
  • Up to 8 volunteers
  • Spoken language: english
  • Animals: Flying fox and other bat species
* As prices are not fully invoiced in euros/dollars or pounds, they may vary according to the exchange rate.

Why choose this volunteering experience?

You take part in a real rescue program, created 30 years ago, which takes care of as many individuals of this wild species affected by a paralysis disease, transmitted by ticks. This disease leads many young bats to become orphans. They need your support to fully grow to adulthood and then they can return to their colony. Droughts and human infrastructures are also responsible for the death of several individuals. The ones still alive need extra care.


Program —

Every day you take part in the care of the rescued bats (chiropterans) to lead them to recovery. The orphans are accompanied until adulthood to be released. During disease period, volunteers are needed 7 days a week. A large number of bats are found on the ground, paralyzed (up to 50 bats can be rescued per day during this period). It is the young ones that require the most attention, as they need to be fed every 4 hours.

Activities are more varied during the disease season (October to February). During the rest of the year, things are much calmer with less diversified activities, as hopefully, the center rescues fewer bats.

Activities  —

  • Preparation of food and feeding
  • Weighing, measurement of individuals
  • Cage cleaning
  • Cleaning of care equipment
  • Orienting visitors around the center
  • Bat rescue in the forest
  • Animal reintroduction
  • etc.






This volunteer program involves taking care of bats and support them during their recovery. Afterward, they can be reintroduced into their natural environment and colony.
You should know that it requires long working days to care of these animals. You work 7 days a week, between 10 and 12 hours a day. If you come during the period when this wild species is not affected by ticks, you can arrange days off to visit the area.






Accommodation —

There are several possibilities of accommodation available – contact us for availability:

  • A two-bedroom shared apartment for volunteers (2 – 3 beds per room)
  • A single room next to the nursery
  • Large Tents
  • If you have a car, you can choose to stay in the city

Food is included, with the possibility of vegan and/or vegetarian meals.


Duration and price —

You can choose to come for a minimum of two weeks (one-week placements can be accepted depending on the period).

During the high season, from October to February (bat disease), volunteers are accepted for a minimum stay of one month.

There is a maximum of eight volunteers (part-time volunteers living nearby can be added). You are involved every day. There is no day off during the high season.

You can pay for your stay in two times free of charge.

The price to volunteer is 790€ (price in $ – £) for two weeks.

Included / Not included —

Included ——

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Supervision and daily activities
  • Registration fees
  • 24/7 support locally and from Sagittarius Voyage

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Not included ——

  • Transportation to the volunteering program
  • Travel insurance

If you need more information, please check our frequently asked questions page or contact us directly.

Reservation & information ——

If you would like to receive more information about how to volunteer and the program or simply make a reservation request, contact us via the form below.