We offer you a quality stay in South Africa, in a reserve invested with the will to rehabilitate former farmland. This is to reintegrate African species that once lived there. In particular, the reserve is making significant efforts to protect cheetahs.

Program —

  • Two weeks minimum to 3 months
  • 2 weeks : 1060€* | 1 month : 1920€* (prices available in $ and £ – we will evaluate together the exact participation fees according to the desired volunteering duration)
  • South Africa
  • Minimum age 18
  • Up to 10 volunteers
  • Spoken language: English
  • Animals: cheetahs, lions, hyenas, elephants, rhinos, cape zebras, cape elephants, antelopes, giraffes, hartbeest etc.
* As prices are not fully invoiced in euros/dollars or pounds, they may vary according to the exchange rate.

Why choose this program?

With this volunteering program, you are participating in the conservation efforts of a private reserve that is working to rehabilitate a former farmland area into a totally wild area without any trace of human activity. In recent years (2015-2017), animals that had disappeared from this area have been reintroduced, such as elephants, hyenas or lions (disappeared from these lands for 180 years).

The reserve is also one of the best in South Africa today in terms of cheetah conservation, with a very high survival rate for cheetah cubs (the mortality rate is 70% in the wild).

The other part of the work will be to restore the landscape of the past as best as possible, by removing traces of farming activities and controlling invasive plant species. Of course, you will also be involved in projects to support local communities.

Affiliated partnerships and scientific projects

In addition to rehabilitating extinct species in the area and being one of the best cheetah conservation programs in the country, the reserve hosts a government-accredited program to train South African students in tourism and animal tracking.

This organization is also associated with the association Endangered Wildlife Trust, in terms of cheetah conservation.


Program —

This project offers to take part in various activities that are being implemented in the reserve to monitor and collect information on present and newly reintroduced animals.

You will be in the field 6 days a week to carry out various activities, allowing you to have an overview of the South African environment conservation work.

Activities —

Activities take place every day from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 5 pm:

  • Cheetah monitoring
  • Elephant study and monitoring
  • Cape zebras study
  • Rhinoceros monitoring (important due to poaching)
  • Observation of lions reintroduced here after 180 years of absence
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Alien plant control
  • Participation at the Tracker Academy to learn how to identify signs and traces left by animals
  • Camera traps
  • Participation in projects in support of local communities (in particular in a centre for abused and abandoned children)
  • Presentations on subjects related to the environment
  • Other activities: hiking, night observation, camping, etc.

Accommodation —

You are accommodated in the volunteers’ house, with shared rooms and shared bathrooms (one for women and one for men).

You have three meals a day with lunch that can be taken directly from the bush.


Duration and price —

This volunteering program takes place exclusively from the end of May to the end of August, each year. A maximum of ten volunteers is possible per session.

payment - Animals and Cheetahs Protection Eco-Volunteering

The stay in the reserve is a minimum of two weeks. You can extend your stay up to 12 weeks.

The price to volunteer is 1060€ (price $£) for two weeks. Feel free to ask us if you would like to stay longer.

Go to volunteer with a group is possible.

You can pay for your stay in two times free of charge.

Included / Not included —

Included ——

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Supervision and daily activities
  • Internet
  • Registration fees
  • 24/7 support locally and from Sagittarius Voyage

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Not included ——

  • Flight tickets
  • Transfer from the airport to the reserve

If you need more information, please check our frequently asked questions page or contact us directly.

Reservation & information ——

If you would like to receive more information about how to volunteer and the program or simply make a reservation request, contact us via the form below.

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