Why choose this program?

You’ll get the opportunity to be part of a research team working on a resident population of bottlenose dolphins in Slovenia and adjacent waters in the northern Adriatic Sea. 

The organization was etablished in 2001 and is carrying out several projects in the field of scientific research, education, public awareness and
conservation. The project about bottlenose dolphins has started in 2002 and they have studied dolphin distribution, abundance, social structure, habitat use, feeding habits, fishery interactions and tourism impact etc. You will assist them to continue their studies and discoveries about local marine life.

Your time will be split between boat surveys and land based observations.

Also, you will collect data about the loggerhead turtles, which are also resident of the area in summer season.

ACCOBAMS World Cetacean Alliance Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation

Your stay —

  • From 488€ ($£)
  • 10 days
  • Slovenia
  • Minimum age 16
  • Up to 6 volunteers
  • Spoken language: English
  • Animals: bottlenose dolphins and loggerhead turtles

Program —

Everyday, if weather conditions are good (no strong wind, no rain, no fog), volunteers will be split in two groups, one on boat (5.8 m inflatable boat) and one other land based. At mid-day, two groups switch activities.  

You will discover scientific work “behind the scenes” and supervised by passionated professionals. 

Activities :

  • Boat surveys – collect data about bottlenose dolphins movements, behaviour, interactions with fisheries etc.
  • Land-based watches – environmental and boat traffic data are collected.
  • Photo Identification – identifying animals through natural markings, such as scars, nicks and notches on dorsal fins
  • Behavioural observations
  • Lectures about previous studies done by the research team

Accommodation —

You are hosted in the organization’s search base. Volunteers are in a shared room with bunk beds.

The building is composed of a work room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

You should therefore consider living in the same space as other foreign volunteers during your stay as a volunteer.

Duration and price —

This eco-volunteering program takes place exclusively from June to September, each year. A maximum of six volunteers is possible per session.

As the program is exclusively for a period of 10 days, you have no days off.


The stay in the reserve is a minimum of two weeks. You can extend your stay up to 12 weeks.

The price to volunteer is 732€ (price in $£). If you’re student, the price has a discount and is 488€ ($£).

Go to volunteer with a group is possible.

You can pay for your stay in two times free of charge.


Included / Not included —

Included ——

  • Accommodation;
  • Food;
  • Supervision and daily activities;
  • Visit of natural sites;
  • 24/7 support locally and from Sagittarius Voyage.

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Not included ——

  • Transportation to the volunteering program;
  • Registration fees;
  • Travel insurance.

If you need more information, please check our frequently asked questions page or contact us directly.

Reservation & information ——

If you would like to receive more information about how to volunteer and the program or simply make a reservation request, contact us via the form below.

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