Through this original volunteering program in a wolf sanctuary for Iberian wolves, you join the technical team that takes care of the well-being of this threatened species all year round and works to re-establish the Portuguese endemic vegetation.

Your stay —

  • 12 days
  • 410€ (prices available in $ and £ – we will evaluate together the exact participation fees according to the desired volunteering duration)
  • Portugal
  • Minimum age 18
  • Up to 12 volunteers
  • Spoken language: English
  • Animals: Iberian wolves.
* As prices are not fully invoiced in euros/dollars or pounds, they may vary according to the exchange rate.

Why choose this program?

You have the opportunity to be part of the team dealing with the Iberian wolves in the sanctuary. Every day, you take care of these animals to give them the best possible living conditions but also, participate in public awareness.

Finally, you are involved in clearing brush, cutting down trees that are not endemic to the country (eucalyptus, a highly flammable tree planted in large numbers in Portugal for the paper industry) and planting new adapted trees that previously existed in the region.

The sanctuary was founded in 1987 and is managed by a non-profit organization whose objective is to provide a quality refuge for wolves that cannot be reintroduced into their natural environment. The centre now hosts 13 wolves in a 17-hectare valley.

These animals have been recovered from zoo, illegal captivity and have been able to give birth to new individuals.


Program â€”

Every day, you participate in the life of the sanctuary and take care of its wolves: food preparation, observation and monitoring of individuals, their state of health and behaviour but also cleaning and maintenance of the park.

Most of your time (about 70%) will be devoted to the maintenance of the sanctuary and the rehabilitation of the country’s vegetation. During the summer, fire departures are regularly monitored.

Note that this sanctuary naturally follows our policy of non-contact with animals, but you have the opportunity to observe them in very good conditions.

Days generally start at 9 am and end at 6 pm with a two-hour lunch break. You have two days off (usually on weekends).


Activities  â€”

  • Food preparation
  • Animal feeding
  • Sanctuary maintenance
  • Wolf observation and monitoring
  • Monitoring of fire outbreaks (summer)
  • Alien vegetation management

The work is physical and demanding. Most of the time it involves working with manual tools and clearing vegetation. This kind of work is about 70% of the work volunteers do.

Accommodation —

You are accommodated in shared accommodation where you can choose to occupy your own room. Two houses are reserved for volunteers and offer everything necessary for life on site.

  • Large wooden house – up to 6 people
    1 bed in a 4 person bedroom: 26€ / night
    1 bed in a double bedroom: 32€ / night
    A double bedroom: 55 € / night
    The whole house: 140 € / night
  • Small wooden house – up to 2 people
    1 bed: 40€ / night
    The whole house: 70 € / night

The cost of accommodation represents the total cost of your stay.


Duration and price —

This volunteering program takes place during the whole year, from February to November, each year. A maximum of 12 volunteers is possible per session.

You can do this program on a period of 12 days.

The price to volunteer is 410€ (price in $£).

Go to volunteer with a group is possible.

Included / Not included —

Included â€”—

  • Accommodation
  • Supervision and daily activities
  • Registration fees
  • 24/7 support locally and from Sagittarius Voyage

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Not included â€”—

  • Transportation to the volunteering program
  • Food
  • Travel insurance

If you need more information, please check our frequently asked questions page or contact us directly.

Reservation & information ——

If you would like to receive more information about how to volunteer and the program or simply make a reservation request, contact us via the form below.