Volunteering combines green tourism that allows you to immerse yourself in nature while supporting research, protection and conservation directly in the field. For example, it can involve aiding the employees of a national park or studying cetaceans with scientists. Volunteering missions do not require any specific skills apart from being in good physical condition.

This is different from other conservation programs such as the European Voluntary Service and other recognized programs that recruit, require specific skills for admittance, are full-time, have a duration of several months to a few years, and are on a paid basis.

Difference between volunteering and a tour?

By choosing to become a volunteer, you decide to do solo traveling while acting for nature. You make the choice to be fully invested in your journey and enrich yourself.

Through this, you also give yourself the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds who share your common interests.

Sagittarius Voyage - Volunteering agency to protect animals

What are the benefits for young people and students?

Through these trips, you gain the opportunity to live an unbelievable experience but also, you can enrich your professional curriculum.

These volunteer assignments allow you to consolidate and positively differentiate your CV from those of other students and young workers. Some volunteers also choose to go on volunteering to validate their university internships.

What are the expenses for?

The price of volunteering programs is explained below in several points.

Sagittarius Voyage - Volunteering agency to protect animals Fees

Logistics costs – 50%

During your stay as a volunteer, you are accommodated, fed and also are supported by a professional (s) in the field. You can find below the different logistics costs that are covered for you:

  • Accommodation and meals
  • Transportation during the stay
  • The management team and the necessary equipment for the activities
  • The staff who take care of your accommodation for some programs
  • Activities

Management fees – 15%

  • Registration process
  • Volunteer assistance
  • Program promotion
  • Research and visit of other viable and serious volunteering programs

Donation to the volunteering program – 35%

The rest of the amount of your stay is used by the program to sustain its conservation actions and develop new ones (land purchase, veterinary expenses, equipment, employee salaries, etc.)

This is, of course, to be added to the concrete actions you will take during your volunteering.

Comparatively, you should also know that the cost is lower than the cost of a traditional trip with the same type of activities.

Why choose to volunteer with Sagittarius Voyage. Volunteer abroad during your studies, holidays or a gap-year to help animals in need. Eco-responsible, safari.